City of Hemet

The City of Hemet contracts animal services with Ramona Humane Society for residents of Hemet.

Ramona Humane Society

438 S. State Street
San Jacinto, CA

Office Hours:
8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday

County of Riverside

Residents who reside within the county of Riverside (5 digits or more in your street address)

Animal services

581 S. Grand Ave.
San Jacinto, CA 92582

Office Hours:
8 AM to 4PM Monday through Friday

Services Offered

  • 9Rescue of sick or injured animals
  • 9Reunifying lost pets with their owners
  • 9Removal of dead animals from public areas
  • 9Supportive services to emergencies & other disasters
  • 9Enforcement of City & County animal ordinances
  • 9Education of responsible animal ownership
  • 9Capture of stray animals
  • 9Investigation of complaints of animal cruelty
  • 9Pet licenses in accordance with state and County law
  • 9Impoundment and quarantine of dangerous or vicious dogs
  • 9Pet Licensing
  • 9Assistance with low cost spay & neutering