The Hemet Police Department offers electronic Livescan fingerprinting by appointment only. Please call for dates and times available as walk-ins are not accepted.

Appointment times vary from week to week. To schedule an appointment for Livescan fingerprinting, please call the Livescan information line at 951.765.2495. To avoid having to re-schedule your appointment, please follow the provided instructions carefully.

Instructions (Please read carefully)

To expedite the Livescan process, all requesting agencies must provide applicants with the Livescan Applicant Submission Form. This form must include all pertinent information such as the agency ORI and billing number, level of printing required, agency name and address and contact person, and classification type and employment classification.

The applicant must complete the applicant section and bring this form with them to their scheduled appointment. Photocopied forms are not acceptable. We will be unable to fingerprint any applicant without the required form and information. All applicants must have valid government-issued picture identification such as a DMV-issued driver’s license or identification card. Check cashing cards and non-government-issued identification cards are not acceptable, with no exceptions.


Additional fees may apply for some licenses or clearances. Total cost can only be estimated until completion and will depend on the level of service(s) requested. These fees are not controlled by the City of Hemet or Hemet Police Department and cannot be waived/altered.

Payment may be made in cash, VISA or Mastercard (no debit cards), agency/business check (NO personal checks), or money order. Please make all checks and money orders payable to the City of Hemet.

  • 9Department of Justice Clearance - $32
  • 9FBI Clearance - $17
  • 9Fingerprint Processing Fee - $12
  • 9Child Abuse Index - $15
  • 9Firearms Clearance - $19